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As the speed of hockey eventually made it too dangerous to go bare faced goalies used form fitting fiberglass masks to protect against lacerations. Goalie tactics evolved alongside this innovation bringing players lower to the ice and exposing them to greater risks. Goalies soon migrated to plastic helmets with full face cages giving them greater confidence and protection. Yet, the innovations in player gear and stronger players quickly forced another change; goalies abandoned the standup techniques for the more efficient butterfly blocking style. During this transition the modern composite mask and cage were developed as the goalie's head remained in the shot lane to block shots. Unfortunately, this limited improvement in protection came at the expense of performance; mobility, vision, communication, acoustics, and ventilation were all sacrificed for the forward facing strength of the newer shell. The stylish helmet designs were discarded in the search for stronger materials.


The modern mask may have also caused athleticism and critical reflexes to deteriorate with the new emphasis on technical precision. But as the game continues to gain speed the next evolution in goaltending will fall back on these "hybrid" skills and attributes for success. Experts already acknowledge the emergence of an unorthodox goaltending style for which the helmet is best suited. The hybrid techniques of a sprawling, athletic goalie needs 360 degrees of coverage that only a helmet can provide, built with stronger carbon/aramid materials. The superior fit of a helmet ensures it will remain in place while rolling, turning, or protecting the territory around the crease. The superior performance and sensory advantage of the helmet allows the athlete to maximize his potential and focus on the game, and look good at the same time.


Goalie Helmets:

Carbon/Aramid - $799

Fiberglass - $599





Just because the game has evolved doesn’t mean you have to abandon iconic style and safety.  Olympia Composites’ player helmets are hand made with high impact epoxy resin and carbon/aramid reinforcements. Internal padding is comprised of single or dual density closed cell EVA foam for protection, fit, and comfort. Our designs evoke memories of the game's most recognized and respected legends. Select your next helmet from our current choice of models and start your own legacy today.




Player Helmets: 

Carbon/Aramid - $399

Fiberglass - $329